A message from all of us here at Post Genie

So we have some changes coming, and in the interest of being open to everyone, this is what we are doing.

Post Genie was started as a way to automate social media, and to make it easy for people to grow a brand with little to no experience.

We have had a look at the social media scape and realised its changed a lot since we started. with Twitter being moved to X and the subsequent price increases, its not something we can afford as a startup.

So we have had a think, and we are now realigning our vision for Post Genie and along with this exciting time, comes new features.

We cant say for what these features are just yet but we are focusing more on content creation such as blogs, articles, product listings and some social media posts too.

We are also removing the subscription, and instead we will be reverting back to tokens, this way you aren't tied in to a monthly fee and you can pay as you go.

We feel this will help Post Genie thrive in 2024 and will give you more tools to help grow your business and brand, easier than ever.

If you are already a registered user, you will receive an email when we are ready to go live along with a boosted set of tokens as a thank you

We cannot wait to show you what we have in store for you with a new look, a new post genie and a new way of growing your business

Thank you for being part of our journey and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2024